Products & Services


Solar Water Pumps Australia P/L provide a variety of services and repair workmanship.

We are firm believers in providing the best pump for the situation at hand.

We are therefore not locked in to providing or promoting just one particular brand of pump but rather, can offer the best unit for your application that we know of. Coupled with our experience, product knowledge and available components, you can be assured of a pump that will provide you with everything you require.

Upgrading or repairing brands of pumps that are perhaps a little unusual are generally no trouble. We can even upgrade your system using your existing panels!

Providing backup service is very important to us and something we pride ourselves in. It may just be a simple phone call that’s needed with some advice to get you on your way or perhaps a call out when things don’t work as they should. Solar Water Pumps are there when you need us.

Stick with us and we’ll stick with you!