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This is used for any transfer pump that has a long suction pipe and a considerable suction head (eg dams getting low at the end of summer).

The small container has a small hole near the bottom. Water leaks slowly all the time so overnight when the pump is stopped, the container drains.

Next morning when the sun comes up, the pump can start pumping with no head getting rid of any air in the suction line easily.

Once pumping water fills the container, water is then pumped out the delivery line as the float shuts off in the tub. When this system is in place it does mean that some water is lost over the day, but it is a small price to pay for reliable pumping every day.



This is used for petrol or diesel engines or 240V single phase systems.

The system never “hunts” when turning off as the non-return valve holds the pressure. Therefore once it is off it can’t try and restart the motor. Simply turn the tap to release the pressure on the next start up.

Uses a standard Telemechanique pressure switch for 120m head.

Can be used with;

  • Standard magneto ignition switching where primary coil is shorted to stop the motor
  • 12/24 Volt Battery systems as used on electric start diesel or petrol generator​.

The non return valve holds the pressure on the Pressure Switch.

The tap is used so the pump can be started without load, it also resets the Pressure Switch.


Solar Powered High Pressure Automatic Bleed System

This unit is used on any delivery line that is always under pressure and has a large amount of gas or air in the water from artesian bores or any other reason to cause air build up in the line. Use of these has overcome the problem of air locks in the line. Experience has shown if the unit is programmed to switch on about twice a day while pumping it will keep the delivery line free of air locks.

The solenoid is fitted at a high point in the delivery line where air or gas may be located. Once the solenoid is opened, the air or gas is released and when the programmed cycle is finished the solenoid will close and water will then be pumped out the delivery line.