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Solar Water Pumps Australia P/L can cover all bases and have many options to ensure that we get it right for you.


Solar Water Pumps Australia P/L pride themselves in providing the right pump to suit each and every situation.

This can mean that sometimes one particular pump may not suit the situation at hand and we may then need to suggest a brand that is different to your neighbours pump! Fortunately, we can cover all bases and have many options to ensure that we get it right for you.

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The Lorentz range of solar submersible pumps have proven very useful to us and our clients in situations where iron oxide may be a problem.

As there is no screen on the mouth of the inlet to the pump, there is less chance of blockages.

The Lorentz range of pumps offer one of the biggest ranges heads and volumes for which the pumps can be used up to a maximum head of 450 metres. The ability to mix and match the motors and the wet ends provides efficiency and reliability.

Lorentz units also have a variable time delay on the Pressure Switch. This delay also applies to the Float Switch fitted in the bore to protect the pump and bore.

Offering both helical rotor and multistage types of pumps, Lorentz ensures that there is a pump for your situation.

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The Grundfos submersible pump is great for small width bores or old bores that may be partially damaged with age featuring a 74mm diameter.

Why would we suggest a Grundfos pump? Many farmers like the ability to be able to run these pumps directly off of a 240 volt generator as a backup. They are very easy to install without the need of a float switch in the bore. All in all, they are a pretty handy pump with good performance for most jobs!

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This new comer to the Australian pumping scene is made in Italy.

So far, it’s proved to be a reliable and great  little pump. Simple to install, it doesn’t require a bore float switch and extra cable down the bore. The solar panels are simple to wire as the electronics to drive the motor are actually built into the motor. 

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Franklin Electric offers a variety of submersible pumps designed for the movement of water.

These submersible well pumps feature proven components, able to withstand the harshest environments, and provide superior performance for many different applications.

Ask us about your submersible pump requirements.

We have many options to ensure that we get it right for you.