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Solar water pumps on transportable trailers can utilise water supply with tanks on multiple dam sites which may be low in water. Manufactured in our workshop, these units provide reliability and durability to the utmost.


Our customer owns several of these pumps which he shifts from dam to dam, utilizing the water supply and shifting it to tanks on another dam site which may be low in water.

Every dam had a windmill in the past but they have all been out of action for many years. If maintenance is needed, the pump trailer is simply towed to the comfort of the workshop at home where the customer can utilise his tools easily .


The Smith Trailer – aptly named after our customer who is the owner of our prototype model first built in late 2017.

This trailer is an extremely portable solar transfer pump on wheels. Discussion took place with our customer upon ordering about the portability of such a unit to enable use at various dams as well as being able to transfer water from tanks. It is easy to tow in the paddocks and proved to be an absolute dream to tow on the highway.

The pump used on this trailer is the Hardi 600 version – set up to pump 1,500 litres (330 gallons/hour).

By facing the hitch of the trailer to the north, the two angled panels on the trailer will allow the pump to run as soon as the sun is up giving a longer pumping run time.

Manufactured entirely in our workshop, this unit provides reliability and durability to the utmost.


hall trailer 1 cropped
Named once again after our customer who is the proud owner of the first model with this design. 

Built first in 2017, this is a  standard trailer, built to hold the panels and has been extended and modified to load a pontoon and pump onto the frame making the entire unit easy to shift from place to place. The pontoon is easily loaded with the use of a hand winch.


Offers 800 watts of power on each side!

20180501 092701 1 cropped
Provision has been made to take the trailer to a bore and power a solar bore pump.

Offers 800 watts of power on each side!

Launched (and sold) at the 2018 Broken Hill Agfair, this trailer is designed as a portable trailer unit to pump for a full day with angled panels to capture the early and late sun. (Ideal for long runs)

This powers a Hardi pump which is fitted onto a pontoon to float on a dam making it highly suitable for deep dams.

The trailer configuration makes the unit more versatile and mobile and it can be sat next to any other water source such as a tank or shallow bore etc.

20180501 092124 1 orig cropped
A winch has been fitted to allow 1 person to load the pontoon onto the trailer from a dam by themselves.
20180501 092446 1 orig
Time taken to back the vehicle up to the dam and unwinch the pontoon is no more than two and half minutes. Loading is quick and easy also.


The ‘Start’ trailer design was formed from the idea of our customer needing a trailer to transfer water for livestock most of the year except  in the winter months when there was enough surface water in dams, pools and grasses for the livestock; eliminating the need for a transfer pump.

At this time, the trailer could be moved around the property to harvest water from many sources to be pumped into one large holding dam.

Panels were angled to the North East and North West for longer run time providing bigger volume. By pumping longer and slower there is less friction in the delivery pipes and the pump can run slower making it easier on the pump.  Winter was a different ball game; the days are very short and the sun is low. Many days with full sun may only actually provide 60-70% if the suns’ available energy.

The best way then is to flatten the panel array to face the north where the two sets of panels can then have all the suns’ power available at full power for the day; short as it may be. The panels on each section are wired in parallel. 

summer positioning
winter positioning

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